My diaper wont stay on how can I keep it from slipping down?( I have a medical condition)?

The fastening tabs keep coming undone causing the diaper to slide off my waist.
Answers:    Use duct tape. The handyman's secret weapon!
that is disgusting
Get some old style diaper pins if they are still made.
If the tabs come loose the pin still holds.
support the existing tapes with medical tape. it's more tacky.
My father has this condition (he's 82) and he uses Depends. He wears the ones that fit like underwear and they seem to work for him. I'm sorry for the people who are immature on here. Ask your doctor if he/she knows of another idea. But Depends come in lots of sizes and shapes. Wish I could help out more. tape
2.pull ups! the fancy ones without fastening strips and are elastic instead!
I have two suggestions. I don't know that they'll work, but it's worth a shot:

1)Extra tape to reinforce the tabs.

Use bigger underwear over the diapers. Even if the tabs get unfastened, the diaper will still be confined/contained by the underwear.
Either try other brands, or
Make sure the plastic is smoothed before taping, don't tape on a wrinkle if you can avoid it. Also, avoid getting the oils from your fingers on tapes or the plastic. Taping slightly looser may help.
The wide box sealing tape works fairly well, but can be kinda hard to remove when it's time to change.

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