My husband seems more tired than he's ever been. He use to have the energy of a teenager.?

My husband seems more tired than ever. He use to have the enegy of a teenager. I know that he's been working harder these days-only 15 days off since Christmas, and his job requires a lot of air travel. He gets between 9 and 10 hours of sleep a night. I'm getting sort of worried about him. If anyone has any answers as to why this suddenly occured, Please repond.
Thankyou, Robyn rjk2kids@
Answers:    Has he been to the doctor lately? It sounds like he needs a physical examination and possibly a mental evaluation. I'm not saying your husband is crazy, but he could just be mentally exhausted from the work stress and air travel. It sounds like he works very hard and has little time for himself. This can make anyone tired and mentally frustrated, whether they realize it or not. He may even be depressed, which could certainly cause one to sleep more. Good luck... I hope he feels better soon!
well of course it is because of all the work. What he needs to do is ask for more days off. Talk to him about to see if he actually notices too so that he can make a difference.
thats a lot of hours to be working. he should slow down. take a vacation with you. both alone.

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