What causes pain on the left side of the knee and on top of the thigh?

My whole leg hurts really bad and I have been to the podiatrist and the physical therapist and they don't know what is wrong - now I am going to an orthopedic on the 18th. But I want to get some kind of idea of what it could be - opinions.

Here is what happened that could be the cause, if anyone can help - I would love you - I fell off a ladder and fractured a toe bone and had to get two fragments removed. Healed nicely until I had SEVERE dull ache in my thigh with no swelling or discoloration. After a week it sort of went away - the pain came back and forth but now it is constant and tender on the top of the thigh, the side of the thigh down to the left side of the knee and to the front bottom of the knee. But it makes my whole leg hurt along with it. It feels like the type of pain you get when you hit your funny bone. Please help.
Answers:    Could be a problem with your femoral nerve. Since you injured your foot it could have caused compression in the knee and nerve. The 'funny bone' sensation is caused by nerve hitting the humerus(bone). This could also be the case for your leg/knee as well... I would definitely get it checked out though.
Ask your doctor about the possible irritation of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

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