Combining Lyrica and Topamax?

I have been doing Well with Lyrica at 150 mg dose.
Due to some complications, I have been prescibed Topamax.
As yet it is not Approved by the Insurance Company, since the Stuff is Expensive, and there is some controversy over a refusal to release a generic.
Anyways, has anyone used both of these?
There is technically no conflicts with the meds; and the side effects will actually help me.
But has anyone had problems, successes, issues, with using this ?
Answers:    I have used Lyrica for about a year and a half for RSD! I took 300mg daily, at first it had several side effects that your body will eventually adjust to-hopefully. It has to be started with low dosage and increased over time to the suggested maintenance dose and vise versa when you stop taking it! I guess one of the complications could be seizures.
It was designed primarily for diabetics and the neuropathy pain but is used like all other drugs for what ever the pharmaceutical companies can make a buck on- which will most likely generate lawsuits and make attorneys wealthier!
It did not make much of a difference for me and therefore my doctor has changed my medications in search of relief-not a cure for my RSD as no cure exist. Put the medication in google and then you can access anything you want to know regarding the medications.
Another drug commonly used in this classification is Neuontin. I took 3000mg daily which totally incapacitated me! I was like a zomby, couldn't even remember where I lived, with who, and many other issues! (Yes- three thousand mg's)
I hope you dont like carbonated drinks (soda, beer) , they will taste like metal in your mouth!
You may also experience the "tingles" numb tingling feeling in your hands and feet, sometimes your face.
Topamax has also been linked to sever depression and suicide with some people.
These are a few of the common side effects many people share with this drug. Not everyone has all of these side effects.
However for most folks that I know that are on Topamax, that are taking it to help eleviate fluid pressure on the brain (intracranial hypertension) it works.
Keep an eye on your mental health however. If you start getting depressed see your doctor ASAP!
I have never taken Lyrica so I can not tell you about combining the two drugs.
I hope this helps.

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