If I get hot or cold easily does it mean I have bad circulation?

I notice when I go out I usually get affected by the temperature a lot. I'm 29 years old, but I don't workout so I was wondering if it has something to do w/circulation or maybe something else? Is it bad eating habits? What do you think?
Answers:    no, how fat/skinny are you if your over wight then maybe yes but if your skinny it could just be that you do not have as much fat, helps with temp of body.
no just that your a woman, a lot of woman are the same way. If you have numbness in hands and feet, that could be poor circulation. just bring a sweater and youll be fine.
Are your feet or hands usually colder or warmer than the rest of your body? Are they a different color than the rest of your body? ie...are you feet bright red?

It could have to do with circulation or even pre-menopause symptoms. (But you're awfully young for that)
That's a hard one- it can be a TON of things. You may not have enough body fat to keep your body well heated or cool, it could be the working out or anything else. this is a thing to ask your doctor and start working on it with him/her.

There would be no harm in working out just a bit to help you though. even if that wasn't it, just little things like taking a long walk or running around your house a few times would help you in a bunch of things.
It seems 2 B that, u r body is most sensitive..
And It `s not due 2 bad circulation...

The most possible reason(90%) is.. u r body jeans, which have the low resistance power.

The other 10% effects from food habits & allergies!

So plz take care...always,...where ever u go.


Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Smilessssssssssssssssss
Could be a few things..if your too skinny maybe...check with your doctor to be sure.

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