Why is that my brain (or body) seems to know when to get up? Please read entire question =)?

I usually wake up later than most people but perhaps once in a while I might need to get up a few hours earlier than usual. Naturally, I would set an alarm. But invariably I find myself waking up a few minutes BEFORE the alarm is scheduled to sound. Is this normal? And if it is, why is that?

I understand that if you wake up always at the same time, your body will get used to it and might not need an alarm clock. But what happens to me is that my brain or body seems to know what time exactly to get up even though it's not my regular wake-up time.
Answers:    That happens to me too! Almost always, though not 100% of the time. I've always wondered if there's a way to hone it to be more exact/dependable.? I still use an alarm, even though I almost always wake up a couple of minutes before it goes off.
happens to me too. I don't use an alarm clock, somehow I can just gague when to get up and am correct within a 10 minute variation of my ideal time.

The body is a weird thing. Maybe it has a "mind" of its own. ^_-
While it is not known how it works, it is quite common and normal to be able to wake up on a sertain hour of your choise without setting the alarm. It is actulally much better than waking up with alarm because this way you are prepared to wake up.
We have a internal clock
This is quite normal with some..me included. You set the alarm and your body sleeps, yet your brain.is always awake and I'm guessing when awake.you usually know aboutt what time it is..When I go to sleep..I have an alarm by my bed, yet never set it, even if I need to wake @ a certain time..I wake on my own.It's OK.you just have a greater consciences than most.
because that's ur regular time to wake up. maybe your body is use to it..
we have a body clock. which means if you're used to getting up at 6AM to go to work.tendency is your body sort of programs itself to get up at 6AM, even if it's your off.which sucks. =)
it is your sub-conscience. if you know you have to wake up or tell yourself you have to wake up at a certain time, you will indeed wake up. (if your like me you are usually more energized those times too!) or it could just very well be that you are excited about whatever it is you have to get up early for.
I kind've wake up at the same time everyday!
I wake up at 7:53AM everyday!
so weird.
i think its all in Gods Plan.LOL
its not your body its your brain.your brain controls your body...even though that time may not be your regular wake up time, before you went to bed you knew that you had to wake up earlier than usual.so its like you set-ed a mental alarm clock. could also be that you may be angchus about the next day.cause i know for me if there is something i'm looking forward to the next, something i can't wait for.. i am going to get up..and also it may be because its out of a sense of responsibility..maybe there is something important you gotta do the next day that would make u get up early...
Our body has an inbuilt biological clock which gets set when you go to sleep thinking about tomorrow and deciding the time to get up. the anxiety of getting up on scheuduled time sets up the biological clock. Thats why one gets up at the scheuduled time without fail.Observe small children getting up on time on the day of a picnic or any exciting event they are to attend the day next.
I am an RN and will answer your question as professionally as possible. Your waking to your alarm could be one of two events.
On a psychological level, you may be experiencing what is know as Classical Conditioning -- a learned response to a continue event. Reknowned Scientist Pavlov recorded this event when he rang a bell prior to feeding a group of dogs. After conditioned training, he would ring the bell without feeding the dogs, yet the dogs would still drool. Interesting, huh? Secondly, your body experiences what is known as the Circadian rhythm -- the biological rhythm that can react to a specific response, such as daylight.
its the same for me. the only way for this to be possible is because you have been waking up early for some time, and have gotten used to it!

dont worry, its normal
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