Anybody with fibromyalgia ?does pain-killers help to get rid of pain?

The doctor has suggested going to a physotherapist and taking pain killers
Answers:    Hi Susan,
I've found pain relief from my fibro by taking 800 mg. of Aleve and a 1000-mg. flaxseed oil capsule every night at bedtime, plus Arnica tablets (a homeopathic herb) as needed for flareups. Check out the links below for info on Arnica and other treatment tips that I hope will be helpful. Best wishes to you.
the things that are really helpful in this disorder are neurontin, pregabalin, cymbalta, amitriptyline, physical therapy. Long term use of narcotics for this illness is not useful. feel free to email me with any questions
Doctors are sometime without the answers this problem is caused by your immune system make it better detox and your symptoms will fade away
I have fibro and take pain killers..they help me maintain a normal life.feel free to contact me
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