Is it dangerous to be punched in the head and continue with pain?

I started living with my boyfriend and one day he got very angry and punched me very hard on the right back side of my head. I felt numbed on my right body side for a little while and I did not get checked up. Ever since I've been experiencing pain on the same spot. Is this dangerous? I was worried to get him in trouble and I did not tell anyone. I'm worried I have a fracture or something bad in my head.
Answers:    Go get x-rays, and get checked out. You could have a concussion. Life is too short to put up with that. Get a new boyfriend, or just be single. Your current boyfriend belongs behind bars for what he did.
Girl u'd be insane not to go get that checked out! That was wrong with him to punch you in the head like that! Unacceptable, especially since you felt numb afterwards.. I would definately go get your head checked and definately find another man..

Hopefully your ok.
"the right back side of your head" is a pretty dangerous spot. the part of your brain that controls a lot of crucial life functions is back there, and it sounds like maybe he might have damaged it when he punched you. i strongly recommend getting that checked out. also- get rid of that bastard! you don't deserve to be punched in the head..or anywhere else.
I am sorry to tell you but that was a very dumb move of you... to stay with a guy like that. NO ONE has the right to hit a woman... NO ONE!
You need to go to the doctor and have your head checked for a hematoma, possibly brain damage, a fracture, etc.
go get an MRI and CAT scan soon !!
and PLEASE, leave this man. There are better people in this World and there are againcies that can help you.
Have him arrested. The next time he could kill you
It is quite possible you have suffered brain damage. Go to the doctor

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