I'm having some trouble with knee pain?

I'm having pain just under my kneecap, towards my shin. When I work out, the pain subsides a little and is bearable. It really gets bad and feels like it's getting stiff when I sit still or walk. Any advice on what could be causing it and how to make it stop?
Answers:    Knees Can be painful not because there is anything wrong with the knees per se, but because tight muscles in the legs and other parts of the body are exerting pressure on the knee caps, pulling them out of alignment towards the inside of they legs. trying to bend the knees during normal walking, can cause pain and creaks. Sometimes the knees will lock, and you have to shift them around a bit to get it them snap back into place in order to bend them again.

You may be working out too much for your body. Cut back on your workout schedule to see if this helps.

Gentle yoga exercises and trigger point therapy can greatly alleviate this problem. A Qualified massage therapist can help relieve the pain as well as help you from having further problems. I've enclosed a link for chiropractors that do trigger point therapy so you can find one in your area.

I also recommend 1tsp. of alfalfa powder daily and a calcium and magnesium tablet twice daily. Many times the body is lacking minerals which causes incredible pain.

If trying all of the above does not help you should see an orthopedic doctor.

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I always answer people' knee questions on here as I just had my 13th surgery so I am a seasoned knee injury veteran. And I will tell you what I tell everyone else. See an orthopedic (bone and joint) doctor. He/she will discuss your symptoms with you and take xrays and an mri scan. The xrays will probably show nothing, but the mri will give you your answers. The knee is a very complicated joint with 4 main ligaments and tons of cartilage including the meniscus. People on AnyQA.com will give you their best guess and say "I had the same thing!" but you will never know without getting images of your knee taken. I am very knowledgeable on the subject, but I wouldn't begin to tell you what is going on without looking at images of your knee. With that said I have to take a guess though : ) I am guessing something with your patellar tendon, tendonitis or possibly cartilage damage to the cartilage under your knee cap, called chondromalacia patellar. So please, see a doctor and get it checked out.the earlier the better.you do not want to be like me and have 13 surgeries and huge scars...trust me. Good luck to you.
There is no medicine to treat any pain, so forget medicines.
First reduce weight if you are O/W.
Regular exercise in sleeping position is better. Yog is the best, meditation will help you lot.
Hot mud bandages for 30 mins will help you. Use soil from hill.

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