Footy Injury?

can someone help me? i was playing football yesterday when i suddenly turned one of my leg to pass, i heard a click which was probably from the knee bone. I felt ok in the begning and i was walking and running fine but when i got home my leg started to hurt. It is the outter side of my knee, i cant straigten in fully or bend it fully, can some one tell me what the problem is?
Answers:    Lol awwwww footy injury! =D Sorry, I just love the word footy. It's going to be my word of the day. I think you probably either sprained something or cracked a bone. It happens, but it's not such a big crack that you can't walk, but it's big enough that it hurts whenever you move it. You should go to the doctor if condition persists for over a month (sometimes cracks heal themselves over time, and sprains go away). Hope you're okay!
this guy is a doctor :
Because of the clicking sound that you heard the knee could be broken. This needs to be evaluated by your dr to see if it is broken or something else going on.
go see a doctor

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