Ingrown Toenail, Fungal Infection, What Can I Do?

Last year I dropped a plate on my big toe nail and eventually lost the nail. It grew back in, but is ingrown and also has a fungal infection. I went to see the doctor and she cut back the nail and prescribed me medication for the infection. Well, I have tried to keep the nail in check, but now both sides are cutting into my toe and it is incredibly painful. The infection has also not cleared up even after taking all the medication. I went to see her again, but she didn't do anything about the toe. What can I do myself to get rid of the pain? I basically hobble around everywhere!
Answers:    This may sound smart alecky, but I mean it. You have to see a different doctor. You should try a podiatrist who specializes in feet. An infection can actually be pretty serious and a fungal infection can be hard to get rid of.
Change podiatrists. They should be able to perform a procedure that prevents ingrown toenails by killing the quick of the nail on the far edges on each side then clipping the nail edges back. The infection is caused by the nail biting into your flesh causing an irritation. That along with the sweat and dirt from being enclosed in old shoes and socks etc cause the build up of infection. The fungal can only be treated by medication and its expensive. I tried cutting my whole nail off and washing the toe in clorox twice a day to kill the fungus and the darn thing still came back.
Definitely go see a foot specialist (like a podiatrist). Something you can do for the fungal part (I saw this on Rachael Ray-so you might want to check out her website) to soak the infected foot in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) for a few minutes. Hope this helps! Also, a nice warm foot bath might help relieve some of the pain.good luck!
the only option for relief in ingrowing toe nail is removal of the ingrowing nail. so you will need to either cut the edges of the nail temporarily at home which is very painful as just touching the toe is painful or you can seek medical help to get a surgery done. pain can be relieved by taking antipain such as paracetamol, or diclofenac. fungal infection needs to be treated by washing with soap n water, drying the feet then dusting with antifungal powder and applying antifungal creams.

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