Im having terrible headach...plzzz help!?

i dont know why but i'm having severe headaches for the past 4-5 days...i dont know if it is be'coz of the summer in india{i reside in india} but i feel the pain as soon as i wake up from sleep.i want to know if it is because of insomnia or anything else.
and also plzz suggest me ways of avoiding the headaches or any remedies.
i dont want to take medicines evrytime i get a headache as they say antibiotics n pain killers taken often are harmful.
plzz help.
Answers:    If your fever is sudden and unexplained and if this continues, you need to see a doctor. You need to ensure that there is no other underlying and more serious condition.

You are wise not to want to take too much pain killers. can end up with rebound headaches when you become reliant on the drugs and take them too frequently.

There are also several natural remedies to help relieve your pain. If you are not sleeping regularly or undergoing stress, you can take herbal teas to help induce relaxation and sleep.
Check out the source that I'm mentioning below for more free information on natural headache remedies.
Please consult your doctor ASAP. Severe headaches that you have not experienced before may be serious and require assessment by your doctor.
I agree that you should absolutely see a doctor.

You may also be dehydrated, if you say it's really hot. Make sure to drink lots of water. Also drink some before you go to bed and see if that helps you.
Could be a lingering migraine. Best results are from large doses of caffeine and aspirin. You can get these in a pill otc at the drugstore. Excedrin Migraine or a generic. Good health.
There's that whole banana peel remedy that people swear by (secure the inner side of a banana peel to your forehead and one on the back of your neck and relax for a little while), but I never have a banana in my house when I get a headache and have never gotten to try it. Are you possibly a bit dehydrated? That can cause headaches, but I know that if you have a persistant headache for a few days that you should really see a doctor to rule out any serious problems. Maybe try having lots of caffeine free beverages and see if your head feels better and if it doesn't then call your doctor.
You should see your doctor. The reasons for your headache can be anything from dehydration to sleep apnea. Good luck!
See a doctor, drink lots of water, stay out of direct sun (wear head covering). If you have dizziness or blurred vision see a doctor right away!
Get your blood pressure checked! I used to get cluster migraines(1-2 weeks straight) for quite a few years. Doctor put me on meds for slightly elevated b/p and they haven't been back! Best of Luck! ;-)=
When you take medicines be careful not to take them alot, because you can rebound headaches.
I think insomnia is causing acidity and headache. You should first treat ins. with the help of preferably the Yog.
If you can get an acupuncturist nearby he will help a lot and sort out your problem.
There is no med to treat pain. Pain killers kill the patient and not the pain, pl avoid them. Antibiotics are to be taken if virus is there.

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