What is the best thing for a head ach/?

Answers:    a couple of excedrin and a coke, then a half hour lying down in a quiet room with an ice pack against your head
Try a simple aspirin and if that doesn't help try a old home remedy...chocolate
Products that work for me that are pharmciticaly based.
1. Ibuprophin
2. Max Malt
3. Imetrex
Drink a lot of water. This is not medical advise, i am not a Doctor.
foot n hand massage
First thing to do is ask you main health care provider(doc'). It all depends on the source of your head ache. If the source is stress related get rid of the stress first, if that doesn't work then try meds that like Tylenol, or Motrin. It all depends on the source of the head ache. Could it be allergies, sinus, stress, people...<just kidding, but seriously ask your hcp, and tell them what you think the source is, most of the time head aches come from other things going on in daily life, but that is my opinion.
take naproxen another brand for ibuprofen and go right to sleep you will wake up feeling ok
take two ecedrins, it will work.
A couple of Aspirin or Ibuprofen (if you have a sensitive stomach) Then lye down in a cool dark room for about 15 min. That's always worked for me. Hope it works for you.
Acupressure(SU-JOK) FOR ACUTE H/A is the best. Search a painful point behind your thumb nail or any finger and press it couragiously; you will be alright within 10 seconds!
If your problem is chronic Acupuncture(Traditional Chinese) is the only and only one treatment or it may disappear automatically. We treat it with our Shree Swasthyayog Therapy but you will have to come here.

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