Hurt at work - What is claim worth?

A person was told by there manager that they had to lift an item. They tried to lift it which was against the work training they had done. In doing so they fell damaging there elbow and have been off work for over 3 years now. They are in the process of going to court to claim but they do not have a clue how much the claim would be worth. They have had to receive injections in the elbow, treatment of arm but the arm has never regained its full strength.
Can any tell how to work out how much the claim would be otherwise how does one know what it is worth?
Answers:    Isn't the claim amount figured out for them by the compensation board?
The claim should at least include all medical care (if ti isn't already being covered under Workman's Comp - which it should be). Beyond that it's really hard to say. It depends on a long list of mitigating factors (their pay rate, current economics, etc.)
One thing that will not help your friend's claim is that what they did was against work training they had received. Even though the boss told them to do it, they should have refused until the proper conditions defined under their training could be met.
Statistical data is used by insurance companies to figure the amount an injury is worth. ie: loss of a hand, arm, leg, back injury, loss of sight etc. To what degree the arm can be used will also be an issue. A lawyer may be the only person who can find out how much this elbow injury is worth. It probably wont be much. If the company your friend worked for has worker's compensation insurance, in some states, they are not responsible for paying for pain and suffering, so the amount probably wont be much. To compare, in Colorado if a person is killed on the job, the worker's beneficiaries will probably receive no more than about forty thousand.
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