Is it safe to use 1/2 a bottle of peroxide in my bath?

Answers:    I wouldn't ...but ask a pharmacist.
Why woud you use peroxide in your bath? to clean it? if thats the case then yes, just try and wash it out well.
If u want touse it while taking a bath i would suggest against it
if you have sores on your body=quess so but be forewarned it isn't to go into anything
why not. i bathed in peroxide after a week of camping.
I have one question for you WHY??
Sure it is. Peroxide has the same pH as the body. It will dissolve blood in clothing too. Also good on zits.
Why would you want to use peroxide in your bath? Sometimes that can throw off the pH balance of the nither region especially if you are sensitive so I would not do it.
Don't get it on your head...I hear tell it will lighten hair out in the sun.
There are conflicting opinions about whether the use of peroxide is safe for bathing.
take a look at this sight and you will discover that it is not advised. If you have blemishes it may work the trick, although I would apply it only in parts where necesssary as opposed to the whole skin being exposed.

with that said Witch hazel may be a better optiont aht has been proven to work for centuries...withc hazel can be picked up at any convenience/drug store in many forms.
see this site.
It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 50, acne can be an embarrassing and sometimes painful problem. Witch hazel has been the answer for millions of people for the last three centuries. Now we have taken that simple, natural, age-old acne remedy and made it even easier and more effective with pre-soaked disposable pads and towelettes, a gel that can be spot applied to localized blemishes, and toner to keep skin oil-free without drying. "
I heard recently peroxide is a carcinogen, not sure it that is true. I was going to look for an alternative at the health food store soon. I would think it would not be good in the bath if it is that strong that it takes blood stains in an instant.
This amount of peroxide will do nothing...peroxide that is for antiseptic is only 3% by volume. When you dilute it in a bath full of water, you are wasting your time and money. It will not disinfect anything as it will be far too diluted. Good luck
The peroxide would be so diluted by all the water,that it would have no effect whatsoever.
peroxide has the same effect as oxiclean, it uses oxygen as a reaction. If you have an open wound the oxygen will be removed from the open wound and cause necrosis (cell death). As a nurse I don't recommend using in bath water. Get a facial scrub.
I believe it would be safe.
I wouldn't unless the purpose is to wash/cleanse open wounds. If you want to get rid of blemishes you could try consulting a dermatologist.Good Luck!
you'll bleach out hair that way
no! my mom is a cosmetologist and every time she accidentally gets it on my scalp when doing my highlites it burns really really bad! oh and your hair will be blonde or white when you finish too!.peroxide is also to take blood stains out of clothes but it will burn through plastic adn will leave white spots on your skin
it's safe as long as you aren't planning on dunking you head -- in which case it may lighten your hair and eyebrows. However, the idea that bathing in anti-bacterial products (including peroxide, alcohol, etc...) is extremely out-dated "science". Peroxide will help to dry your skin, but bathing for 15 minutes in plain water will do the same. Usually the only people who are interested in doing the former are people who have acne. If you happen to be in that category, just be aware that it will dry ALL of your skin but won't clear blemishes because pimples are caused by an infection in a hair follicle/pore, not on the surface of the skin, and nothing will penetrate deep enough to kill it off. People often associate acne with oil and therefore look for something (like peroxide) to "dry" it up. Really what it will do is dry all of your skin and set you up for more breakouts because your skin will react by producing more oil. Plus, active breakouts will not "dry up" with the use of peroxide. It's really just not good for you. So.basically, you really can use peroxide if you want to...a bath should dilute the bleaching power, but soap is enough to disinfect and I have to say...I wonder why you would want to use peroxide...but I wish you well! :)
Yes, but it probably won't do anything, as several other people have said. Instead, try dabbing a spot of toothpaste (preferably one containing peroxide) on each blemish. Left on overnight, it can improve their appearance.
Only if you want to look like Micheal Jackson. Cause otherwise it might turn you a little white. Oh and I wouldn't suggest washing your hair with it either, you'll bleach it.
Yes, it is safe, but you might have better luck using apple cider vinegar. A cup in your bathwater makes a good, healthy, soak. Also, for acne you can use it as a toner, wet a cotton ball with it, and dab on blemishes.
Hydrogen peroxide is good for many things - for cleaning cuts, scrapes and abrasions, and it helps with zits as well. But pouring half a bottle in your bath is overkill. Firstly, you don't need that much, and secondly, by diluting it that much you are reducing its effectiveness. You would be much better to simply apply it to your blemishes, let it foam and fizz for a bit, wipe it off and re-apply, then have your bath. After the bath, when your pores are open, you could dab on a bit more. That would take less than half a teaspoon and be far more effective than pouring half a bottle in the tub.
I worked for a plastic surgeon who didnt like for people to use peroxide. It damages the healthy skin along with any damaged skin. To treat blemishes you need to use products such as the Neutrogena Body Wash that has salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide..not hydrogen peroxide! Try Aveeno, Neutrogena, Biore, etc products and you should see some improvements!
No, um... no that isn't cool.
It's hard on your skin, but it is used in hospitals for soaking open wounds in sit baths. I would recommend not using everyday but maybe three times a week at the most. If you have already tried it on a daily basis, is your skin cracking and dry? That's the thing you want to look for.
i use two cups of Epsom salts in my bath water. it,ll open up your pores and cleanse your whole body. you can splash it onto
your face and hair also. i soak into this solution when i,m sore
all over also. i soak for a half hour and come out nice and soft.
make sure you dissolve the salts into a dish of warm water,
then dump it into a tub of warm running water. you,ll get so relaxed you won,t want to get out. bring a plastic bowl with you
so you can keep dumping the water onto you head and face.
don't see why not
How big is the bottle?
yup! its safe to use it by usin it it ll help our body to get cleansed but it may burn if ur skin is sensitive
NO!! You are suppose to put quarter in your bath time

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