My 16 month old has what looks like cradle cap on his head?

He has a food allergy and some people said it could come from that or is there anything else it could be?.. is there any way to get rid of it?
Answers:    Head and shoulders shampoo every other day, he will be cured in a couple of days. Be careful not to get it in his eyes.
It will go away on its own. Don't do anything. My baby had the same thing. Don't stress, just give it a week or two.
You are supposed to put him to sleep on either side, so that his head will not have that cradle cap
baby oil rubs on it daily will work for a baby,
There is nothing you can do. Drs wont give them anything that young. My son has it really bad. The only i do is take baby oil, and a round shower brush or a nail brush and rub it and you will see the dead skin coming off. Then wash out.

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