Cant take the pain?

for the past three days ive been having these like pressure headaches in the right side in the back of my head, the one like i ate to much salt or sumthing i dont know what it is i dont think its minigitis my health insurance doesnt start untill april 30th, im living off advills here there like crack i feel like puching myself in the head i cant take it anymore if some how i dont have any advills one day, i will kill myself
Answers:    Curing Chronic Tension Headaches is Food For Thought

Finding a solution to a life of pain requires a multi-pronged approach, so curing chronic tension headaches and similar aches and pains is no different.

One of the strongest starting points is the need to examine what we put into our bodies.

As otherwise healthy people we tend to dismiss the idea of looking at our nutritional intake, but for those of us serious about curing chronic tension headaches, it’s a topic worthy of close scrutiny.

Scientists who study the human body know that every second of every day, there are millions upon millions of cells that are dying off and being replaced inside our bodies. The health of every new cell depends on how it’s nourished.

If you wanted to replace the brickwork on the outside of your home, you wouldn’t be too pleased if I used cracked and broken old bricks that had been used before and discarded by someone else.

Yet if we don’t ensure the right intake of nutrients into our bodies every time we eat, our “new” cells will be depleted and malnourished.

Continue this pattern over a period of years and you are speeding up the ageing process.

Equally, nutrition plays a role not just in our overall health and wellbeing, it can have a huge impact on the severity of our headaches and whether we get headaches at all.

If we understand that pain is an indicator of a problem, it could be a warning signal that we are lacking in vital nutrients.

One published study back in 1936 suggested that because of farming techniques and ever-changing lifestyles, we could eat a truckload of fruits and vegetables every day and still not get enough nutrients. The implication is that the situation has only deteriorated since then, especially when we take into account the affects of chemicals and pollutants on our food supply.

When we follow Government guidelines and dumb-it-down ideas like the food pyramid, we foolishly believe we’re eating well and staying healthy.

If these over-simplified suggestions work so well, we need to ask ourselves why there are millions of people who are pain-ridden, fatigued and “old-before-their-time”. These walking wounded are strong evidence of a massive missing link between the amount and quality of nutrients we are getting from food, and the amount and quality we actually need.

By examining the nutritional value of what we put into our bodies, we are taking the essential steps towards curing chronic tension headaches, migraines and other ailments.

As the saying goes, it’s food for thought.

Here’s to curing chronic tension headaches, and enjoying a pain-free life!

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