I'm so scared I have HIV even if I penetrated unprotected for only 30 seconds...?

Do I have HIV? can it be transmitted that fast? What can I do to ease my mind? I'm going nuts just worrying about it. I'm a Filipino and over here there aren't as much cases as in the States. But I heard the incubation period of HIV is 10-20 years.. I'm so worried.. Someone please help me ease my mind without telling me lies...
Answers:    No one can tell you if you have a virus. But remember how you're feeling next time you decide to have sex - and make sure you're protected.

It can happen the first time you have sex or the 2,000th time you have it - it may never occur. The only way you'll know for sure is to talk to your doctor and get tested.

Stressing over it won't help.
You will need to go and take a test. There is no other way to know. Sorry!
get an HIV test , its scary but at least you'll know
The first thing you can do is never have unprotected sex again! With that said, 30 seconds probably is not enough time to contract HIV unless you had a cut on your genitals, so you are probably okay. Find a local health clinic that tests for HIV and make an appointment. Here is the states they do it for free, don't know about the Phillipines... Be sure to ask how long you need to wait to take the test (some vary from a few weeks after possible exposure to several months).

Take this fear you feel as a very real lesson, and prevent yourself from being exposed to HIV again! Good luck and best wishes!
get a HIV test after 3 to 6 months of unprotected sex.
just go to the dotors and ask for the hiv shot to see if you have hiv
get tested

they can tell after 6 months

costs like $100

its not a matter of how much time you spent doin it
Why are you so scared? Filipinos are having as much sex as Americans. and AIDS cases are dropping and rates of supposed hiv infection are for the most part are same as rates for testing. (more tests=more positives) Dont let the American mainstream information fool you to thinking your at greater risk for HIV. Be smart be careful but first and formost stop being scared.
i'm sorry to say that it is possible, but you won't know for sure unless you get it checked out by a doctor. I know it's embaressing and awkward, but you really should do it sooner rather than risk the effects later

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