Acne Scars?

Does anyone know a good way to stop myself from scratching the healing scabs off of the acne on my face? I really hate the feeling of it but im making scars as I pick at it. I dont have a cupulsive disorder this is the only thing I have ALOT of trouble getting myself NOT to do. Is there something wrong with me and how can I stop?
Answers:    hi, i have not had acne as such but the habit of scratching etc i do no...i could cry sometimes i have spoilt my face realy gets u wen u know yr doing ,,,my worse is when im stressed,,i try and switch off...i hope you find the answer ., going to try a stress ball or something else to do with my hands.,...mind over matter good luck let you know how it goes..
vitamin E. burst the capusule and put it on your scars!
Well if its a habit try to break it. If the habit of scratching your face is really bad try washing the areas where its breaking out and then use a acne solution such as proactive. It really works. This used to be a major habit of my sister and I but as soon as we washed our faces and put on proactive we broke the habit and the acne disappeared in like two weeks.

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