Do you think that you can catch HIV/AIDS from a mosquito?

I heard that they can get the blood from one person and carry it to another.But what I hear today is that HIV can only be received by bodily fluids!
Answers:    The results of experiments and observations of insect biting behavior indicate that when an insect bites a person, it does not inject its own or a previously bitten person's or animal's blood into the next person bitten. Rather, it injects saliva, which acts as a lubricant so the insect can feed efficiently.

HIV lives for only a short time inside an insect and, unlike organisms that are transmitted via insect bites, HIV does not reproduce (and does not survive) in insects. Thus, even if the virus enters a mosquito or another insect, the insect does not become infected and cannot transmit HIV to the next human it bites.
I don't believe enough blood is in a mosquito to give you AIDS
STOP it lol just stop it...
NO definitely not. The mosquito does not reinject the blood it eats.
no... the only ways HIV/AIDS can be transfered is through
3.vaginal fluid
4. breast milk
A mosquito does not have the body temperature to pass the aids virus on as the aid virus would die in the mosquito. So the answer would be no.

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