A friend had this cough since 1999. Even though shes gone to the doctors she still has it. Is she HIV postive?

Its like 6 yrs now that she has that cough. Could she be infected?? Shes tried tablets but to no avail.
Answers:    One, HIV does not lead to a cough, you usually won't be able to detect HIV symptomatically without it developing into full blown AIDS. More than likely she has a chronic cough, which means...duh long lasting cough...any number of things can cause this smoking perhaps?
WHY would you think she has HIV?

Since you are her friend, why don't you ask her?
does she smoke? i'm curious as to why you would ask this question as chronic cough is not typical symtom for HIV. and what "tablets" are you talking about? I think you need to encourage your friend to get a good work up from a reliable doctor.
the only way to know if she is HIV positive is for her to do a HIV test. though incesant coughing is one symptom of the virus, it is not enough to diagose her. if u r still concerned ask her to have it sorted out.
If this were a symptom of HIV infection, your friend would almost certainly be dead by now.

Has anyone considered allergies?

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