Where are the highest paying respiratory jobs??

Just a poll to see what RT's can expect to earn. Any difference between east/west coast? Different countries?
Answers:    The average respiratory therapist makes about $45K a year. That's with an associates degree. If you go on to get a bachelor's or master's you can get a managerial position at a facilities. Those are about the highest paying RT jobs you can find, and you can expect to make somehere near $60K.
Generally speaking you can make a comfortable living anywhere. Of course the pay is higher on the coasts but so is the cost of living. Travellers make the most, pool therapists second.
Of course, why anyone would want to get into a profession that requires you to recredential every three years nowadays...I just don't know. Expect to see a real shortage of RTs starting any time now. That might affect the pay scale.
You will naturally make more in an area where the cost of living is more. The highest paying job I've ever seen was $33 day shift for a new grad with no experience, that was in San Francisco, but when you factor in how much it costs just to rent an apartment there, you know why you need $33 bucks an hour.

You can count on making much more money in big cites, in large hospitals and trauma center ER's.

Hope that was helpful.

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