How do i get rid of stretch marks ?

well i dont know if i would really call them stretch marks or not..but i work out, and it looks like blood is stuck in the area..i have them on my arms and upper left chest.

please help
Answers:    Try a cocoa butter lotion. If it gets worse or doesn't feel like it is getting any better then you might want to see a dermatologist. Lay off the pumping juice and ease up on the grunts as you pump.
Stretch marks really are stubborn--surgery is the only way to get RID of them.

Try cocoa and Vitamin E oil on your areas. Drink a lot of water and keep up with that Vitamin E! The stretch marks will FADE.
Prescription creams containing Tretinoin, also called Retin-A, may help reduce the appearance of fresh stretch marks. These creams should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. This type of treatment will not eliminate stretch marks completely, and it won't work on older marks that have already faded from red.

A French treatment called Endermologie claims to reduce scarring. A machine with rollers and gentle suction is used to massage and exfoliate the affected area. Again, this won't remove stretch marks, but it may enhance the overall appearance of the skin.

Laser surgery is sometimes used to lessen the severity of stretch marks, but the results are mixed. Microdermabrasion has been somewhat more successful in changing the appearance of stretch marks. Both treatments are expensive and should only be performed by qualified doctors.
They never really go away, but they fade a bit. MAke sure you dont get too big of muscles too quickly. i have the same problem, but i have them pretty much all over my upperbody. luckily none on my legs, even though they grew from 22 inches to 29 inches around in a few years.

My back is the worst! My lats are so bad it looks like my skin was ripped a thousand times.

I used to tan for a year or so and they faded alot, but i hear this isnt a good idea because tanning damages the skin.

Just live with them man, they will fade and turn white. You wont be able to see them much after that.
there is a cream you can buy, that works pretty good.
I know what you are talking about, i am a physician on skin treatment. Is what you do is puncture the blood spots with sterolized needles then put organic coco butter on the spots with the high concentration of blood from working out to much. That should do it, hope it helps.
Rub olive oil on them or baby oil and forget them,

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