Where are there free HIV testing clinics in minneapolis/st. paul?

Answers:    Hi there Retardst,
Whilst it is your right to have an HIV test, I can't help but wonder if you really have any idea whats involved with these HIV tests.For example, did you know that the HIV tests DON"T detect for VIRUS and they DON"T even detect for virus antibodies..What they detect for are PROTEINS which are ASSUMED but NOT PROV EN to be specific to HIV...Did you know that the proteins in a HIV TEST KIT [All 10 of them] can and QUITE OFTEN do react to about 60 known health ailments a person can have including PREGNANCY.That's right, you read this correctly, PREGNANT mothers to be can return a POSSITIVE HIV RESULT, especially woman who have had more than one child...That's quite scary when you think about it.I would encourage you to have a good look at the following web site and the Google dvd for a more comprehensive and truthful insights when seeking answers you have about HIV...Good luck with your research and remember, NEVER STOP QUESTIONING...
Face to Face Health and Counseling Service, Inc.
1165 Arcade Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55106
Phone: (651) 772-5555

University Family Physicians/North Memorial
1020 West Broadway Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
Phone: (612) 302-8222
give blood, they test the blood and if there is a problem they will tell you, if not they use the blood and you may save a life
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