I have yellow palms.. what could be wrong?

I'm normally fair-skinned, but lately I have noticed that my palms have a yellow tint. When I hold them out next to a friend's palms, mine look very yellow. I asked my doctor, and he said it could be because I have been eating too many carrots, but I don't eat all that many. Are yellow palms a symptom of other diseases?
Answers:    yes eating many carrots may cause turning our skin to yellow. other disorder that may cause this is liver disease like jaundice. but dont be overly concern. ur doctor knows best. unless the whole of ur body esp whole arms is turning to yellow.
Yes, liver damage. Jaundice causes all your skin to turn yellow. It could appear noticable in the palms first because that's fresh skin. Drink a lot of alcohol? Take too much Acetaminophen?
I wouldn't get overly concerned unless the rest of you turns yellow too (check your eyes).
this what u call jondiss
Jaundice causes all your skin to turn yellow. But if you self tan, it could be that...

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