Controlling blood sugar?

my husband works for a driving company they require a physical once a year if he isnot in perfect health they want let him work well to get to the point his blood sugar was 117 he fasted all day before he went to the doctor they said he couldnot come back to work until he had it under control what can he do for the next 3 days to get it 100 or close to that
Answers:    I understand your dilemma.You want your husband to continue working but you do not want him to endanger his health by having a disease that will need treatment.
It's a hard decision.
I do not think 117 is too high.What are the standards for the company? Perhaps bring them a copy of the rules from the ADA ?
By fasting all day, your husband may produce more sugar to compensate for the lack of food.Have him just eat normally.
I wish you both the best
Is your husband a diabetic? 117 is normal 60-120 is the normal range. If his pancreas is not working then he needs to see a dr., but 117 is good, per my doctors requirements.
117 is not normal at all if he fasted all day. That's a healthy blood sugar for someone who's just eaten a big meal--not for someone who hasn't eaten in hours. It's not healthy for your husband to go for more than 6 hours without eating if he is a diabetic. Exercise will help elevate his blood sugar--as well as steering clear of sweets (obviously) and starches. He needs to load up on fruits and veggies and exercise--that's the best hope he has of lowering his blood sugar. Good luck!
My sisters were always told to excersize when they needed to lower blood sugar. Fasting is never a smart decision when it comes to dealing with diabetes. Walking will help, tell him to test every couple of hours. Stay away from fruit juices, alcohol, and the known sugars (candy, anything with glucose or sucrose in the ingredients). Plenty of water will help flush his system too.
im no doctor but i would stay away from all sugars...try excersizing too??
Fasting for much longer is not the best idea. Definitely get him doing some exercising, even walking around the block every night will make a world of difference. It sounds like the company is being really tight with their ranges. 60-105 is normal.
if after fasting, his blood sugar is still so high, i think he should stop sugary products for a few months... not stop completely but maybe take only a can of coke once in a forthnight ?.. try out for about 5 months i think... but i'm sure this is the best way... just a gentle reminder... diabetics is a very scary diease... i have two examples in my live it's simply too scary...
I do not know what set of standards that your husbands company is going by, but the standards set by the American Diabetes Association are as follows:

Fasting level: 90-130mg/dl
2 hours after a meal: below 180 mg/dl
Before meals: 140mg/dl or lower

So based on this, your husbands fasting level was within the normal range. Tell your husband to visit the American Diabetes Association and print out the standards of care and what the normal levels are and take to his work, This is discrimination and he should fight this with his doctor and the American Daibetes Associations help.

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