How can you get hepititis C?

This guy that I used to date in the summer lives far away from me but it looks like things between us are getting good again and I'm going to visit him soon. However, he recently told me that he got infected with hepititic c. Now im kind of hesistant to spend my summer with him because i know things between us would happen and i know its rude and very paranoid but i would be even scared to kiss him because i would keep thinking about the disease he has and how i dont want to get it from him. i know you can get the disease from sex but thats not a problem because im not ready for sex so we wouldnt be doing that. but would i get the disease if me and him were to kiss or something??
Answers:    hcv corpuscles found in all bodily fluids are not transmittable UNLESS there is blood to blood cross contamination through exposure. hcv lives in the bloodstream of those infected and not only does it cause liver disease (where the virons multiply and change it's genetic makeup) but hcv is also found in all tissues and organs of those infected. there are many diseases associated with hcv-depression or brain fog are usually the first symptoms.

sexual intercourse transmission can only occur if you have an open wound and he is bleeding.

your not out of the woods yet however, you should be tested to be sure you do not have it. not all infected will no it unless they are specifically tested for antibodies. hcv does not always elevate the alt and ast levels which are markers doctors look at to see if there may be an issue with the liver.

so basically if your alt and ast levels are within normal range, you could still have active chronic hcv!

i am living walking proof. infected at age 8 (if not younger because i did have three surgeries prior to that age) but i never have infected anyone including my two teen boys.
i have responded to antiviral chemotherapy post 5 years and am considered cured.

as always, ask your doctor or call the american liver foundation for more information and respect yourself by wearing protection regardless if you know someone with hcv or not, because simply put not everyone knows how well their health is concerning std's. (hcv is not considered a true std due to the fact it is only spread through blood to blood contact).
What is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a disease that affects the liver, and is caused by the Hepatitis C virus, which was first identified in 1989 (HCV). The virus causes hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), which can progress to cirrhosis (extensive scarring so the liver cannot perform its normal functions).

How is it transmitted?

The most common form of transmission is through injection drug use, even if drug use was many years ago or happened only once. Sharing needles or any drug related equipment is enough to spread Hepatitis C. The only way to avoid being exposed to HCV in this way is not to share needles or use injection drugs. Another way of getting Hepatitis C is through a blood transfusion from a donor who has Hepatitis C especially for those people who received a blood transfusion prior to 1990. In 1998 the risk of contracting Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion is virtually zero, less then 1 in 200,000. Due to precautions taken in screening donors and blood units. Sharing toothbrushes, nail clippers, or razors with an infected person can also spread the Hepatitis C virus.

Sex and Hep C

At this time it is believed that transmission of HCV by sexual means-either heterosexual or homosexual-is extremely rare (approximately 1% to 3%). In spite of the low risk, long-term monogamous couples must decide for themselves about routine condom use. They should avoid unprotected sex during a women’s menstrual cycle if the women is HCV-positive, due to the fact that Hepatitis C is contracted through blood.
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Yes, hep C can be sexually transmitted. You can get a course of injections from your doctor that will ensure you are immune to the virus. Start them now, and you'll have completed them by the summer.
just don't shave with his razor are use his tooth brush and i understand its very hard to get it from sex.its a blood on blood disease ,you have to get his blood into your blood,kissing and stuff want make you catch it.
This is from the center for disease control:

HCV is spread primarily by direct contact with human blood. For example, you may have gotten infected with HCV if:

* you ever injected street drugs, as the needles and/or other drug "works" used to prepare or inject the drug(s) may have had someone else's blood that contained HCV on them.
* you received blood, blood products, or solid organs from a donor whose blood contained HCV.
* you were ever on long-term kidney dialysis as you may have unknowingly shared supplies/equipment that had someone else's blood on them.
* you were ever a healthcare worker and had frequent contact with blood on the job, especially accidental needlesticks.
* your mother had hepatitis C at the time she gave birth to you. During the birth her blood may have gotten into your body.
* you ever had sex with a person infected with HCV.
* you lived with someone who was infected with HCV and shared items such as razors or toothbrushes that might have had his/her blood on them.

Basically, it's bloodborn, so you wouldn't want to share his toothbrush or razor, like the last one says. Just to be on the safe side, hardcore French kissing might be kind of iffy, but it probably wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Hope things work out ok for you guys!
dont worry, kissing is safe

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