+glioblastoma multiforme?

my husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in june 04 passed away oct o6. is there anyone been diagnoised with the same ever worked in a pulp mill.
Answers:    I live in a small town on Vancouver Island which has one of the largest pulp/paper mills in the World. Just made a few phone calls to people that I know and there's not been any of these kinds of cases in the past several years. The Crofton Pulp Mill employs thousands of people.

Just within the past month, a classmate's husband passed away after battling glioblastome multiforme for nearly 5 years, he went far beyond the avg. time from onset to end. Anyone that lives longer than 3 to 3 years is considered unusual.

An excellent site that very thoroughly reviews this tumor is

Becauss of my past associations with my classmate and the health care system, I'd already reviewed the subject extensively and to this date, there's still no data to determine the cause of the disorder.

This must be very difficult for you, it can't be easy to cope with but there's no present evidence linking G M to occupational hazards.

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