41 Yr Old for TKA Knee Replacement?

1st I’m a 100% service connected veteran. I’m 41 yrs old and have traumatic tri-compartmental knee damage. I had six reconstructive on the left knee and 2 reconstructive surgeries on the right knee.
The VA wanted to fuse my knees together in 2003. I refused because of all the complications that this would cause.
Question: Does anyone know of someone in their 40’s who have had TKA Total Knee Replacement?
I am in severe pain all the time at rest and trying to sleep is not going to happen peacefully. No pain med’s work. I need help.
Answers:    Tough one...I can understand your hesitancy.
Once you have a total knee, it'd yours (for good)
My neighbor had projectile trauma to both knees (Nam)and has struggled but only now obtained a "disability" acknowledgment.
My brother had a miserable time (just osteo-arthritis) but it's preferred to delay a total knee until 60 for these causes.
Not knowing what the degree of trauma or "derangement" you have suffered, certainly makes it a personal call.
If meds are beneficial, I am sure that you are in a world of hurt.
Only you, your Doc and physical therapist know your issues:
Best decision for you, might entail a second, independent opinion but only you have to feel good with it.
Of course , the total knee does pose some limitations for you, but the pain must be terrible.
Be kind to yourself.
Yes I have seen patients in their 40's have total knee replacements. Go check into having this done to get relief from your pain.
Yes I know a bunch of people in their 40s who have had their knees replaced. I know one woman who is 36. Knees can last close to 20 years and your bones can hold 2 of them. So to be in your 40s and get your knee replaced is not unreasonable. I need mine replaced and my doctor said he would do it in ten years when I am 35.

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