How do I convert MEQ to MG?

I'm trying to figure out how many mg of Potassium I'm taking to enter into a software program that I use. The bottle says that it's 20 MEQ. What would the mg be? Thanks.
Answers:    Here is a solution to your question , you will understand it better if you understand this:

milliEquivalent. mEq measures a substance's ability to combine with another substance. One mEq = 39 mg of potassium or 23 mg of sodium or 20 mg of calcium or 35 mg of chlorine. One mEq equals about 75 mg of potassium chloride - what we often get as a supplement. One mEq is roughly equivalent to one milliosmole (mOsm)
1 mEq. equals about 64 mg, so 20 mEq. is about 1280 mg.

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