A quiestion to all other Muscle Builders...?

Will eating chicken and fish and drinking eggs keep my muscles built up??Of course I lift weights and exercise too...
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I would avoid drinking eggs because of the potential health risks. If that's your picture, you're pretty huge- I think whatever you're doing is working.
Yes. However, avoid raw eggs because bacteria that feed on protein, do not care if the protein comes from eggs or human tissue.

Also, do not let your carbs get too low. Otherwise your body will start to break down muscle protein to make carbs for vital functions. This will happen regardless of how much protein you are eating.

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Well, high protein foods will help muscle rebuild itself as well as grow larger. Foods high in omega-3 (i.e fish) will also help with muscle gain. Eggs are good in protein, I believe 3g per egg, but there are alternatives out there.
You could get Salmonella poisoning from raw eggs. Instead, boil a carton of eggs, and snack on them between big meals. That should last you 3-5 days. As a rule, for every 3 eggs you eat, you should chuck the yolk from the third one and just eat the white. This will ensure you get enough good fats, and not too much cholesterol.

You definately should get some BCAAs in order to keep your 'size' on. Branched chain amino acids are three aminos which are readly use up by your body and need to be supplemented in order to maintain what youve built. Take them everyday, and even when you take a break from the gym for a few weeks. Look into Leutor70 by allmaxnutrition.com

Consider cans of salmon (rather than tuna), as well as a mixed nut combination of almonds, brazil nuts and cashews.

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