Have been restricting calories and excersizing a minimum of 1.5 hrs daily,how did I gain 2 lbs today?

Answers:    You sound like your doing just fine. Exercise burns calories, but it also builds muscle.

Muscle burns more calories faster, so building muscle is a really good thing.

Before you continue on your regime, take the time to check your measurements. Arms, thighs, calves, chest, stomach and hips. Keep a journal of your measurements and take them once a week.

You may show a weight gain because of newly formed muscle mass, at the same time you should be showing a decrease in inches. Don't worry, eventually, the weight will come off as well.

Stay on a well balanced diet, and make sure you are eating enough low fat protein to promote muscle mass.

If you are lifting weights, one day of exercise then one day of rest. You really need the one day of rest. Weight lifting tears down the muscle, resting gives the muscle time to rebuild.

Do not worry about water weight. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water. It's especially important if you're exercising for an hour and a half every day.

Stick with it and it will pay off. Good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine.
it could be water weight
To lose weight, you need to eat a bit more if you exercise a lot. Don't know how or why this works, but it does. Another thing is if you have added muscle, muscle makes the weight go up on your scale.
Perhaps you have gained some muscle weight. Did you measure yourself before you started working out? Do your clothes fit more comfortably? Do you look leaner and more toned?

Maybe your just constipated. Take some Metamucil.
Muscle weighs a lot more than fat. You can also be retaining fluids, which makes more sense if you gained it all in one day.
water weight.anyone,male or female,who eats salt the day before,will retain water the next day,so dont worry,its not fat,its fluid and ur body will eventually pass it.if u are female,u will retain water at certain times in ur cycle,but this,too is a water retention issue,and it will resolve itself.keep on the right track with diet and excercise.whenever u kno u havent been overeating or not excercising,yet u seemingly have gained pounds overnight,its just a reaction to dietary salts and various hormones,it doesnt indicate ur real weight.this happens in both genders,but more often in females,and it is normal.so dont worry,just keep up the good work,in another day or so,the weight will be gone!
when u restrict ur caloric intake ur metabolism goes down.. so if ur going to be excercising u need to increase ur protein intake to increase your metabolism up... And to let u know to much excercise will only have u tired...
It's either water retention or muscle build.
You more then likely gained muscle. But your weight will change through out the day. It is best to set a goal that is not based on weight. If you are going to set your goal on weight have the same time of day that you weigh yourself.

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