Are foods high in fat and carbs easy to burn off during aerobic exercies like jump roping 1000x,or jogging.?

certain foods include, tyson chicken patties, pb&j sandwiches, toaster strudel, cheesesticks, potato chips, totino's pizza. some of these are my fav foods and i don't eat this stuff back to back or on a daily basis but i also exercise and burn the calories. for instance i count the calories that i eat, i don't eat pass 7pm, and i exercise from then up until 10pm, i also exercise an hour each morning, so can i continue to lose weight with these foods in my diet. & i eat a lot of fruits and veggies
Answers:    Rather than worrying about the caloric value (and those are all extremely high in calories to begin with), I'd start worrying about the nutritional value of those foods. It doesn't matter how many fruits and veggies you eat, if you eat a lot of high-fat, high-cholesterol food, it's not good for you. It's going to heighten your blood pressure and your cholesterol.

Also, over-exercising is not good for you either, and it doesn't matter when you eat the food, a calorie is a calorie no matter what time you eat it.

As far as burning off carbs/high-fat foods, no they burn off more slowly because the glucose from the sugar is notoriously harder for your body to burn off.

Try doing a bit of research online. Also, when you're counting calories, be sure to be careful of serving size and portions.

All in all, if this is working for you, why are you asking us? And, if it's not and you are losing weight by exercising so frequently, why does it matter to you what we think?
When I was younger I thought I could eat anything as long as I kept up my regimine of running 4 miles and doing 2 hours of aerobics 5 times per week. Silly me, sure I was in condition but the effects of the foods I ate now haunt me. I have high cholestorol and am borderline diabetic and had to have my gall bladdder removed because of the poor diet I had for years.
your not doing any good to your body if ure excersizing in the morning and night, but eating all that junk during the day.
loosing weight boils down to one thing:

Calories in < calories out

At different excersize intensities, your body burns a different ratio of fat and carbs. For example, at lower intensity, your body is using more carbs for fuel rather than fat, but at higher intensity, your body will utilize a greater percentage of fat.

do some research on HITT training on google.
There's really no direct answer to ur question. I will say that carbs are MUCH more easier to burn off than fat. So if u have to pick one, have a diet that's higher in carbs, because they're easier to burn than fat is. Plus fatty foods just slow u down too. And keep eating friuts & vegies & exercising like u are, that's great, but try not to over-do the exercise, u have to give ur body a rest too.

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