Aerobics Class...?

i'm going to my first aerobics class tonight. What can i expect?
Answers:    The class should go like this: Stretching and a warm up at the beginning. Exercise to music for a while, then cool down and stretching again.
To do aerobics
To be sore tomorrow.
Aerobics is a lot of fun< you will have a good time just have fun and don't let the moves throw you off, just get into the music after all excersice is not fun if your not having a good time, Hope you enjoy it
yoga, tae bo, pillatees, a lot of conditioning, jogging, dance type stuff, pretty much anything that gets your heart going. Sometimes aerobics classes in school play sports, but not often. It's a lot of fun and a great way to keep in shape. stretch A LOT!
To have a Deep pain in your side if you don't breath right :)

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