Is it possible to take 8-10 weeks to show weight gain?

After having some experience with weight gain and loss, I feel the most in-tune with my body than ever. I've learned that when Christmas comes, that I don't stress and just let myself gain the weight and trust in myself to lose it. I visited my family until 14 Jan this year, and when I returned home, I adopted my normal healthy-eating routine. No prob. In the past, I've noticed that it took about 6 wks for me to experience the effects in different eating habits. This year, it's taken about 8-10 weeks for me to hit my weight peak. I've also noticed that because I feel at that peak, I crave more calories. And, it's more difficult for me to jog. I've told some of my friends this, and they don't believe it could take that long for ~4 weeks of overeating to show up. Thanks for your advice/opinions!
Answers:    If you exercise daily it may seem like it is not showing up so quickly. But when I over eat, I see it the next day on the scale as well as when zipping up my pants.

I exercise too but can see weight gain within 24 hours.

We are all different (thank God) so you could be right. No need to try and make a believer out of your friends.

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