Have anyone try hoodia gordnii does it really work because i am thinking about trying it?

I want to lose some weight.
Answers:    thinking about using hoodia gordonii for weight loss is a good decision - it works.

Use this review site as a guide.
Totally try it, it made me so horny!
NO! don't try it u have to use pills and u don't whant to know what happens to u when u use pills they are bad trust me unless u go and ask ur doctor
Hoodia gordnii is the newest of many fad supplements. It has not been proven to work through scientific studies. It has been known to cause many problems for people who take it. The hoodia products I've seen are loaded with caffeine.

If you are looking for something natural to help you lose weight, you may want to try Goji.

If you would like more information, look up Lycium barbarum (the scientific name for Goji) on www.pubmed.gov, the scientific database of the United States. You can also look at www.naturalpower.freelife.com for the product which comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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