6 pack abs?

how do u get 6 pack abs?
Answers:    Got this ab workout I do everyday for track.

Start at 30 second intervals and work your way up to a minute.

1) Legs 6 inches off the ground, hold it.
2) Crunches
3) on your back, legs straight up, touch your toes while keeping legs straight
4) leg lifts
5) bicycle kicks
6) leg flutter 6 inches off the ground
7) medicine ball twists
8) more crunches
9) alternating leg lifts
10) plank or flat back hold or whatever you call it.

do lots of weights ... for a long time you want the bod hun you got to work for it
I have a 6 pack and I'm a girl! it must be my workout...
this is what you gotta do:
40 crunches daily
40 squat thrusts daily
situps are VERY important, so do as many as you can daily!
and don't forget to laugh! it's the best workout there is!
If you wanna look good at the pool you've gotta start with a sweet pair of shades like Denunzio wears to the pool on Caddy Day in "Caddyshack"
Meh - truly fit people have the full 8 pack.
unless you have no fat doing situps will only make you appear more fat. what you need to do is fat burning excersies. You already have a 6 pack you just need to take all that fat off to show it off!

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