How do i stop myself comfort eating?

I comfort eat alot and i've started puttin on weight but i honestly can't stop it.I've just started feeling better after 4 years of depression and i'm starting to feel bad about it.I feel really lonely and i just seem to eat.

Please NO cheeky answers xx
Answers:    Talk to a doctor. I was suffering from depression for a long time (along with anxiety) and found myself drinking and/or eating a lot and not really making the connection. It wasn't until my doctor put me on an antidepressant, anxiety medication that I realized it was the chemical imbalance that was causing the compulsive eating. I stopped those behaviors almost immediatly and for the first time could actually sit through a long boring night on the couch without constantly making trips to the kitchen and/or thinking about what kind of snack i could make next. I realized that part of the sickness of depression included (at least for me) very compulsive behaviors. Get yourself a good doctor you feel really comfortable with and see what you can find out about yourself, then tackle the 'side effects'- (comfort eating)
Exercising relieves stress. : ) It releases endorphines which makes you happy. Walking around a park for 15 minutes is good. Try eating air popped popcorn if you really must eat something that tastes deeeelicious.

Walk for 15-60 minutes a day and you should be fine.
Sounds as if you are lacking in companionship.
Your acknowledgement is the first step now believe in yourself enough to stop before you really have a reason to be upset.

Make yourself eat healthy foods all the time from tomorrow morning on and it wont be as comforting knawing on a carrot stick.

Once a week treat yourself to great food but don't go overboard.
If you eat for comfort, find something else that gives you pleasure. If eating is your only pleasure, try exercising in order not to put on the weight.
mind over do not will not matter...comfort eat vegi's.comfort eat fruits...and it will help lose the weight you have gained.. and exercise while you are eating that apple...banana.good luck
Even if it difficult to start, walk. Even if you don't want to get out of the house(apt) and walk. Even if you have no money to spend go to the largest department store there is in your area, and walk through the entire store to get idea,s for new projects and stuff. It really works!

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