Have any tips for someone trying a raw food diet?

what can i eat other than just fruit and veggies?
Answers:    be prepared for a lot of bathroom duty, raw vegys are natures laxative, try some cheese along with your vegys..good luck, there are better diets on the market. my favorite is not to change your eating habits, just eat 1/2 what you normanlly would..ie, 1/2 hamburger, 1/2 order fries, etc..it works too
1.Go to a bakery.
2. Slip your hands in your pockets.
3.Grab 5 bucks.
4.Just give in man.

Just kidding!

Hit up your local health food store. They probably have tons of snacks and ideas. My uncle even knows where to get raw burgers!
raw fruits good. raw vegies good, if they are root vegies wash them real well, better yet peel them or torch them to get rid of parasites or bugs from the soil. Raw meat eat with alcohol to kill bad bacteria that tend to grow in meat. Raw milk, trust no TB or other deadly bacteria in or on the cow. Hope that whoever picked the foods washed their hands after BM. Sort of like playing Russian roulette? lol, you'll need it.

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