5'7 and 132 lbs?

Can I get a six-pack at this weight or should I lose more??
Answers:    Why try for a sixpack when you can have the whole barrel?
You don't need to loose more weight. Just tone it all up.
you don't need to loose any more, get a six pack i guess
tone up.
Lose a little bit and start steroids... I mean 'toning it up.'
Lift weights and do crunches!
No. You just need to work really hard to get your abs really strong. We all have abs they are just under fat. So make them bigger to overcome the layer of fat on top.
everyone has a six-pack...its just hidden under their love handles and rolls.go running and do core exericses and they should emerge soon enough
feel good about ur weight
its time for u to define ur muscles
tone up
ummm yes you can. but you could also get one ten pounds heavier. check out the body builders, bud. keep in mind tho that everyone has a six pack (just like everyone has ever other muscle) its just not defined. because there is fat on in. so lose the fat and you'll see your six pack. good luck. the pounds have no relevance.
Sounds like you've lost too much. Try eating the right food and doing the right ab exercises. I'm 5'7", a slim frame, and 167. My abs are awesome. As long as you're exercising and eating the right food, you shouldn't have to worry about losing weight.
you dont have to lose weight! you are soposed to be 100 after 5'0'' and gain 5 lbs. for every inch after. to get good abbs. to abb exersises. wat works 4 me is crucnches and the "wood plannk" trick
I think you need to gain, actually. You need something to build the muscle out of. That sounds awfully scrawny. (No offense!)
No you shouldn't. You are perfect.

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start doing those bicycle crunches! LOL yes you can get a nice looking stomach, you just have to work hard. You don't need to loose anymore weight, you are at a healthy weight already for your height.
your to skinny
save your energy and get your six pack from your local licenced grocer.

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