10 years old help?

i'm 10 years old i'm in good shape perfect body how can i stay this way help!
Answers:    Don't you think that you are way too young about obsessing over your body type? You aren't even a teenager yet!. Your body is going to change so much over the next 10 years. If you stay active, play outside, don't spend all day in front of the television set, and eat sensibly, you should be just fine.
by doing what your doing.
Do your best not to DIE.
Keep doing the same thing you been doing for the past years...eat healthy..exersice. ect...
Eat balance and nutritious food, exercise and rest.
-Eat right
-Get excercise
-Drink your water instead of other things

Only 3 things!
eat healthy
go for walks
keep fit
dont binge eat
dont eat crap food
etc etc
umm well gurl you 10 what your like in 3rd grade??
why dont you just go be a kid and stop worry about that?

please :)
start that thinking when your 15
You're 10 years old. Stop worrying about your body and be a kid. Be active and don't eat too much junk food and be happy!!
use a healthy diet and exersize plan
You're not ten are you? If you are ten, you shouldn't be worrying about your health unless you do not take part in physical activity of any sort. Just find an activity, like it, and stick to it! If you aren't one of those types of people, take a walk or jog with your parent(s) or friends. If you want to be safe, just try to fit in a certain number of minutes, allotted by you, to be active on a daily basis.

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