A little baby phat?

i wanna loose a little baby phat on my stomach im 14 years old about 5'8 and weight around 145 pounds can you give me some idea excersizes how to loose it? or like just tell me what basic foods should i eat i cant take any pills, also tell me how many times do i need to do the excersize a day thak you very much i really appreciate it! (*^0^*)
Answers:    I would ride a bike, take walks, or something that will help you lose a few because you don't wanna go overboard since you just need a little here and there, and don't drink soft drinks or other beverages of the sort.
Don't you mean "fat"?
Okay, it's spelled F-A-T! Since you are at a healthy weight you shouldn't loose too much. The best thing to do is tone up you stomach muscles. Also cardio (i.e. jogging) will melt off the fat. You don't need to do exercise everyday. About four times a week will do the trick. Then just cut back a little of food, mainly at night, and you will be good. Good luck!
When I was your age (haha. i'm fifteen now) I joined track and it helped phenomonally. we practiced everyday. i find its easier to work out outside, so if it suits you, you should really try running. try speeding up and then slowing down at random intervals, and stopping to walk when you're tired. i found that it works fast and the results can be seen after a week or two.

Other Tips:
1) Drink lots of water!!
2) Try to give up sodas and only drink them on special ocassions.
3)Also, if you can, don't eat cafeteria food. Make a sandwich at home to bring to school.
4) Work out at a consistent time each day so that you don't forget or talk yourself out of it. You may want to try right when you get home from school. It would help energize and relax you before homework.
First of all thats an okay weight for that height. If I were you I would just try to eat healthy most of the time, and avoid grazing in front of the tube. Walking 20 minutes a day will keep you in great shape. You don't have to do it every day though. Throw in a little jog or resistance training from time to time to make it more interesting.
Start out with some torso twists. You can either stand with legs shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Keep your torso straight and upright. You can use a pole (like a broom-stick) behind your head and grasp either end with your hands. Rotate your torso slowly back and forth to limber up the lumbar and lower lateral muscles. Once you are comfortable with this movement you can speed it up. Work it for about a minute.
Then, simple crunches (abdominal), like sit-ups. Lay on your back with knees bent and, keeping your back and neck aligned, raise your torso up as far as possible extending your hands toward your knees. Hold that position for as long as is comfortable before slowly lowering back down the the ground. Do about 5 of these. Then rest for a minute. Do another 2 sets. Start out slow and gradually increase. But PLEASE remember to work your back muscles as well otherwise you can cause back problems. Once you have the hang of this exercise you can do them with your hands behind your head (no pressure on the neck) and do the same thing only direct your right elbow to your left knew and left elbow to the right knew, 5 repitions of each, 3 sets. Remember to drink lots of water, eat right and in about 3 months you should begin to notice improvement.
Some good basic guidelines are: Drinking lots of fresh water (but not too close to meal time), eating as many fresh vegetables as possible (salads and lightly steamed vegetables rather than frozed or canned veggies), Eating some good wholegrain breakfast (oats or porridge, muesli with yoghurt) to sustain you through the morning, and having enough to eat to sustain throughout the main part of the day so you don't feel like snacking in the evening. With food the basic rule is the closer to its original form the better for you!
Exercise is important, but make sure you are having fun while doing it! Do you like sports? Maybe you could join a team. At 14 you shouldn't feel the need to slave away in a gym ;) Just do some cardio 3-4 times a week (brisk walking or jogging, cycling, sport) for over half an hour. Make sure you warm up by doing some stretches. Also it is important to note that no exercise will help you lose excess fat just from the belly, you cannot reduce in only one spot.
If you do want to do something everyday, do some yoga. Try it out of a book at home or just make up some poses (you know your body best!), remembering to breathe. Although not specifically for weightloss the benefits will help you in all areas.
Most importantly though, at your age, and at any age is to make sure you are staying relaxed and getting the right amount of sleep. This will help you maintain your ideal weight and also keep everything in perspective ;)
Oh, try this, it really does work!

The easiest and natural thing to do is to walk. So, choose a time of day when you are not busy and make that your walking moment. You do not have to power walk, but it must be continuous. That means every single day. No matter if you are on vacation or not. There is always walking to do. Start out going for a walk around your block for a week. Then the second week if you feel comfortable doing that then increase it to two blocks. Do not try to do more until you are comfortable walking two blocks. By the end of one month you will probably be at a comfort level where you can now walk for one hour up and one hour back to your home without getting winded, as long as you leisurely walk.

As I have mentioned before, do not power walk. Just leisurely walk non-stop every day. That includes in the rain and the snow and the heat. The key is to prepare yourself for the walk. If it is raining cats and dogs, don't bother with an umbrella. Get yourself a hooded raincoat and water galoshes. If it is snowing outside then buy a warm coat and scarf and gloves and boots. You might want to get a pair of dainty long johns and thermal socks. If it is hot outside, buy a headband and clothing that flecks the moisture away from your body.

You are not going to die of thirst in an hour at a leisurely pace so forget about the water bottle. Drink your water and empty your bladder before you leave the house, so that you will not be uncomfortable during your walk. Well, there you have it. One hour up and one hour back. No more, no less. Do not stop to pet the dog or smell the roses. Don't even stop to talk to your neighbors. Just smile and say hello and goodbye as you continue on your way. People will by now have noticed you have begun to slim down and will probably want to walk with you. It is alright to let them. But, stipulate to them that they must walk at YOUR PACE and on YOUR CHOSEN PATH! Resist the urge to power walk!

By now you are admiring yourself differently and have made walking a daily routine and it didn't cost you a thing. After you have been doing this for a good six months, it is well within reason that you want to do more for a variety. Well, good for you. Get out that ratty blanket that you keep on your bed and throw it on the floor. Now do get down there and strive to do five situps. Stop! I said 5! Only do 5. There's no race here. You are not in competition. Continue to only do five during the time that you have chosen to do them for one month. The second month if you choose to do so you may increase your situps to ten times each day. Continue to increase your situps ever every month until you reach fifty. Yes, I said 50! I know that you know someone who can do one hundred or more. But, you are not them and you asked for my advice. The reason that I make fifty a cut off point is because you want to make this a lifetime routine coupled with your walks and you don't want to risk hurting yourself or becoming bored.

As you do your walking and situp routines, don't forget to have fun.
by the way it spelled FAT..i thought u were taking about the clothes.but anywayz i dont think you are that fat so just do like 2 hours a day on a tredmill.in 5 day you lose one pound..and sont eat that much junk food..

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