A couple of weeks ago I had a filling replaced and now have pain. Can you help me?

I went to see the dentist today regarding the pain and he said it was the way I was biting down. He filed it a little bit and said to call in a couple of days if the pain is still there. I knew very well it wasn't the way I am biting down. The pain gets worse when I bend over. The reason I'm questioning him is because he gave me a root canal in November and three months later I still had pain. I couldn't even sleep on my side it was so painful. Even then he said I was biting down wrong, but I knew that wasn't the cause of the pain. The tooth ended up being extracted. I'm really wondering if the dentist has made mistakes during his procedures. Is it possible he hit a nerve while putting in the new filling? The pain goes from that tooth and jumps up to a tooth on the top of my mouth whenever I bend over. It is not sensitive to hot or cold. Just a steady pain. I'm about ready to file a complaint on him, but I want to see what this possibly could be first.
Answers:    When he made your root canal treatment, did you make sure he was a specialized in endodontics? What could have happened while doing the treatment of root canal is that maybe he didn't have sterilized instruments, proper procedures, not have rinsed your root canal with proper solution, or he might have even perforated your tooth. Get an x-ray taken to make sure that didn't happen, but not with your dentist, with another one. Get it checked fast though because it might be an infection, and we want it to stop spreading.
If it was the way your biting down then your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) would be hurting. Your TMJ is located right under your ear lobe. Write to me if you want a more specific answer

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