But if i dont drink coffee,im not smoking n plus,i brushed my teeth twice a day.is it bcoz i overbrushed it?

u think so?
Answers:    How does one "overbrush"?? (besides the fact that twice a day isn't a lot).

Maybe a few English lessons will help your teeth. Give it a shot!
What's the question?
I'm sorry.. But I don't totally get what this question is asking..
Are you trying to say your teeth are stained. If so there are so good whitening toothpastes around.
Cant help you.What's the matter with your grill?
no i used to brush 3 times everyday even though i don't smoke.this's a good habit.
Coffee is good for you. Smoking is not. Your teeth will be a little off color drinking coffee, but can be minimized by using toothpaste with peroxide.

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