Can a hole at the base of a lower front tooth be repaired?

There is a hole at the base of my front lower tooth at the back of the tooth. I was wondering if its possible to have this repaired as I am not gonna be happy to have a gap there.
Answers:    The short answer is yes.
Here's the long one it does depend to a degree what caused it and how deep it is.
If it is gum recession then it can be filled but it doesn't always have a high success rate.
If it is decay no problem unless it is very deep then the tooth may need removing.
If the decay is at the bottom of your tooth near the gum, then it is unlikely that a crown would be suitable.
Best thing to do is to discuss it with your dentist they will let you know all your options.
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They might be able to fill it
Yeah, go to your doctor, they should have a synthetic "filling" which should be fine... It may look and feel somewhat odd though.

Goodluck with it.
yes...i have very weak teeth and am constantly losing parts of my teeth and the dentist just simply fills it in with a filling...
yes, a dentist could fill it. you just need to call the dentist's office and bring it up to his/her attention.
yes you can have a white filling and it will not show
Yes, your tooth can be repaired with bonding material. Depending on how much tooth structure is gone you may need a crown. It is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible, especially if the "hole" is decay but it could also be abrasion (brushing too hard).
It may just be a sore, give it a day or two.

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