Does anyone have lumineers?

I'm very interested in them. I wanted to see if anyone had them so I could get a price estimate before I go talk to a dentist.
I've already called the 1-800-lumineers and they sent me info on a dentist in my area, but I have to set up a appt with that dr. and I wanted some numbers thrown my way before I go and set appt not having a clue on how much they may cost.

My husband is in Iraq and I wanted to surprize him when he gets back with a smile that's a pretty as his.
Answers:    They are very very expensive I checked on them for my husband and the price depends on where you get them and they range between $1000-$6000 EACH!! So you would be better off getting porcelain crowns also not cheap but are way less expensive than the lumineers.Go to google and type in lumineers it will help you find the prices in your area.

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