What is it called.?

When you have a chipped tooth so they have to replace it with a fake one that looks the same. I am not talking about the filling. I am saying that they put the fake tooth over the original one. Will it still look like my other teeth? I chipped my tooth when I was younger, and this one is the one right in front.
Answers:    Just to let you know, if the chip isn't too bad, you can save money by having bonding done. I had it done on my front tooth a few years ago and you can't tell any difference. It is MUCH cheaper.
I'm not sure maybe your talking about veeners or maybe just a cap
There are two types. One is a veneer and is a partial fake tooth. This can be done on chipped teeth if not severe. The other is a cap. A cap goes around the entire tooth and the whole thing is fake. I have both types in my mouth. I can't say I notice a difference. Both are good and just depend on the severity and location of the chipped tooth. If you looked at my mouth you'd never know I had anything done.
It's either a porcelain veneer or a crown (crowns are also called caps). Ceramic crowns are also done, they're usually more expensive, but they also have the translucency that natural teeth appear to have. A shade of tooth will be taken to match the other front tooth. If your dentist is a good one, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Since being in the dental field, I can tell when there are older people with crowns that have metal underlayments on their front teeth. They have a grey ridge along their gumline. These crowns are called PFM's (porcelain fused to metal). They're great for posterior teeth, but they're really not natural looking on anterior teeth.

Best of luck!
I think your talking about a porcelin crown:)
its a laminate...i just had it done..
It is called a crown. When the dentist takes the impression for the crown, he's also gonna take a shade guide and compare it to your other teeth and write the shade number on the order for the technician who will make it. They are usually made of porcelain. If you drink coffee or cola on a regular basis, or are a smoker. then your teeth will get stain and the crown may stay brighter than your natural teeth, thus making it more noticeable.

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