What is the best at-home teeth bleaching system?

I am interested in getting the teeth whitening laser treatment but would rather a cheaper alternative. Most of my yellow teeth is genetic, but I also drink alot of sodas (don't we all?). In your opinion, what is the BEST at-home teeth whitening/bleaching system there is? Thanks!
Answers:    The dentist will use either an in-office bleaching system or laser bleaching while you are in the dental chair. Most patients, however, choose dentist-supervised at-home bleaching, which is more economical and, in most cases, provides the same results.

At-home bleaching involves using a custom-made mouthguard that can be worn comfortably while you are awake or sleeping. The mouthguard is so thin that you should even be able to talk and work while wearing it. Some bleaching systems recommend bleaching your teeth from two to four hours a day -- these usually take 3 to 6 weeks to complete and work best on patients with sensitive teeth. Other systems recommend bleaching your teeth at night, while you sleep, which may only take 10 to 14 days to complete.
crest whitestrips and i use the toothpaste and mouthwash with them. my teeth look great.
I was on strong antibiotics a couple a years ago and my teeth turned brown. I used crest whitestrips and I had a pearly smile after using them.

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