About Armour Medicine for Thyroid?

Hello everyone,

Presently I have hypothyroid, and just 2-3 months back, i came to know about it. My age is 27. I am married. And last time i tested 2 weeks back my TSh was 14.45.

Now I m havig eltroxin and few days back i have also started the ayurvedic treatment, with which I am not very satisfied.

While surfing at net about thyroid, i came to know about armour medicine with lots of positive reviews. Can anybody tell me the cost of this medicine according to Indian price and where can i find it in Delhi specially near Patel Nagar.

And I have dont have my periods this time, and its 10 days late. I have done UPT but it was negative. And I do have some spots 3 days back. and after that nothing. I having cramps, and feeling of having periods, but they are not just started yet.
And I thing I should consult an allopathic Dr. and stop having this ayurvedic.

Plz help.

Waiting for your replies.

Answers:    I used to take the Armour thyroid meds some years ago until they discovered I didn't have a thyroid problem after all. Many women are misdiagnosed with thyroid problems but they are generally in menopause or peri-menopause. Being that it can be related to hormones I'd ask the doctor to check your hormones before starting thyroid medicine. Hormone problems could account for missed periods as well.

I don't recall the Armour being too expensive but I can't remember. Since it's not a new treatment it shouldn't be too bad. Here's a page I found comparing prices of thyroid meds: http://thyroid.about.com/library/news/bl...
watch swamy ramdevji maharaj on aastha channel at night every day from 8.15 to 9.30., he shows very very simple exercise which requires just 5 minutes every day, i am 50 cured, also buy his CD "pranayam" a set of two Cd's. do the exercise very regularly, but be in touch with your doctor, he may suggest milder medication an gradually and come down to zero. but as swamyji says u must continue with yoga... either yoga or medicine
Ayurvedic remedies aren't instant relief. They don't work like drugs. It takes time for your body to heal. An inactive thyroid or overactive thyroid is regulated by hormones from the brain. Your irregular period can be a completely different problem. Find a healer who will help you to focus on each problem. There many be a common cause but it may require multiple cures.
I've been on Armour thyroid over 3 years and it has made a huge difference in my symptoms. It is adjusted by the blood tests free t4 and free t3, not TSH. I will post some thyroid links below for you to rread up on it more.

About the price, where you are. I can't help you. I'm in the US and I pay about $20.00 a month for a 30 day supply of 180 mg.

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