Immune system?

any vitamins or supplements that actually help our immune system?
Answers:    There is one in particular that got a lot of press late in 2006. It is formulated to build up your immune system to its optimum using all natural ingredients. And Boy, does it work. It is called Nutriferon. To find it type in search: nutriferon
Oh yes! In 1982, Dr. Bill McAnnelly discovered a class of nutrients that science was previously unaware of. Glyconutrients - the greatest breakthrough in Medicine in our lifetime.

Basically, these nutrients bind with amino acids and fats, to create hair like structures on the surface of our trillions of cells, establishing a communication system, like telephone wires. These forms - called glycoforms - allow our cells to communicate (cellular communication).

When our cells are communicating, sending signals to our immune cells, this is a modulated immune system.

Check out the research sites below to learn more, and why our diets are nutrient deficient, supporting our need for supplementation. As a health care professional, I have never seen another immune modulator that is so predictable in results. Great stuff.

Best of wishes to you.
There are vitamins and supplements out there. Vitamin C, B12, and products like Metarnx as well. However, you need to get to a 4 star immunologist and see what will work for your system. Fruit juices that have no sugar and 100% of their fruit like properties are a good way to go as well. Flushing your system with 100% Juice Cranberry by Ocean Spray is one way to go. If you need more information or want to talk to someone who understands immune system issues, contact someone like me via IM and we'll work something out together.
Colostrum helps. Keep our vitamin and mineral levels up at all times. Despite the bad publicity, Echinacea (find the purest you can, it actually does help, it's the impure ones that don't add any value) and supplement with that.
lingzhi... it helps to build up our body's system.
YES>>A renowned doctor of HEMATOLOGY and CHILDHOOD CANCERS, associated with THE RUSH MEDICAL CENTER and THE UNIVERSITY of CHICAGO HOSPITALS,who was heading the team of doctors treating my daughter in 1978-79..explained that her immune system was deficient(probably from birth),which makes young children very vulnerable to life taking illnesses..She said that parents should require that their pediatrician perform tests to determine immune deficiencies,so that treatment can be initiated immediately to gradually improve immunity. In my daughters case it was too late.. But if you have not had a complete checkup you should..,especially if you have a child that is continually ill with colds ,flu, sore throats,etc..Please don't wait...
there are many-what are you trying to accomplish?

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